Trusted Advisor Services

Trusted Advisor Services are based on the Acquire, Connect, Extend Continuous Engagement framework. It has been honed over the years through Entech's experience working with global organizations focused on using technology to increase sales, lower costs and improve customer relationships.

Trusted Advisor – Acquire Services

Acquire Services focus on enabling our clients to gain customers and grow revenue. We'll help you reach prospects across all channels (Omni-Channel) and convert them to customers. Our consultants will ensure the right technologies are in place to maintain consistency in the way your products are delivered and design systems for process/product work flow that make single click sales to delivery a real possibility.

Types of services we deliver may include strategy, assessment, design, analysis or implementation planning related to:

  • Multi-channel look and feel standardization
  • Self-service portals
  • Communication portals
  • Partner integration
  • Social media integration
  • Omni-Channel performance and security
  • Proactive product delivery solutions

Trusted Advisor - Connect Services

Entech understands new technologies and how Omni channel digitalization affects business/consumer relationships. In this "I want it now" world we live in, prospects and customers won't wait. In order to succeed and flourish, you need to engage, connect and build a business relationship with them using technology as the intermediary to:

  • Respond instantly to every request for information.
  • Deliver personalized products and services.
  • Build loyalty through frictionless customer service and support.
  • Generate new opportunities with each and every interaction.

To accomplish this means ensuring that your back office infrastructure is scalable, secure, and connected.

Sales systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, inventory systems, provisioning systems, and billing systems all need to share data. Case management and work flow systems need to be in place to ensure customer issues and opportunities don't fall through the cracks. Information locked in legacy applications or databases needs to be made available to aid in the goal of continuous engagement with prospects and customers.

Entech Trusted Advisor Services will help you connect your enterprise. We provide guidance on technologies, processes and services that will allow you integrate systems, continuously engage with customers, and capitalize on business opportunities. The types of Trusted Advisor Connect Services may include:

  • Technology integration assessments
  • Agile development services
  • Operations analysis
  • Agile transformation planning, coaching and governance
  • Agile strategies and services to address IT backlogs
  • System integration architecture, design and implementation planning
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and platform design and analysis
  • Work flow automation
  • Integration strategies
  • Mainframe connectivity and migration strategies

Trusted Advisor - Extend Services

Incremental improvements in business intelligence leads to better decisions at all levels of an organization. Better decisions result in improved sales, better customer service, and higher quality products. Entech consultants will help you push the limits of traditional business intelligence by designing solutions that gather customer data and analyze it against market knowledge proactively, so your business can start reaping the benefits of Big Data and resolve issues proactively. Further, we'll show you how to collect data about your customers, including contextual information (i.e. the device they are using, their location, their profile, latest purchases, etc.) and use that information to ensure you're offering a prospect the right product or service based on the current situation and taking advantage of cross selling opportunities.

Service may include strategic design, planning, sourcing, and partner strategies for:

  • Data consolidation and analysis
  • Big Data processing
  • Reporting
  • Management dashboards
  • Content and context management

The sections above list the types of services we provide, but every business is different and every client has different requirements. Our advisors, analysts, mentors, and counselors are authorities, and we will customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Trusted Advisor Services