Proactive Product Solutions

Consumer attention spans have become notoriously short. You may have only seconds to engage them before they click the back button to select another option from the search results. By presenting personalized products based on history and context, you can present something meaningful to them from the start, and the need to continue to search is eliminated. And that's just what you want to happen.

Connect, Engage and Extend

Once you've engaged with a customer or prospect, the goal is to connect and extend the relationship. Just as the server at your favorite restaurant remembers you and makes recommendations for a meal you might enjoy based on your past meals, Proactive product management means reaching beyond the surface level of simple identity recognition to achieve the intimacy upon which authentic business relationships are built. Connecting and engaging means adding context to the transaction, and assembling products for presentations in a more personalized manner based on past and real-time data. For example, offering products or services based on time of day, location, purchasing history or stated preferences. Delivering personalized recommendations based on the likes and recommendations of Facebook friends. Or, providing "special" offers based on whether the customer is at home, in your store or in a competitor's store. It's also important for you to be able to respond to customers differently based on how the transaction is started. For example, if someone enters your web site from a specific link in a print magazine, you need to be able to respond with a customized display.

Change an Impersonal Transaction into a Personal Conversation

Proactive Product Management solutions give you the ability to reuse the content you already have or have access to, in new, more engaging ways. Given buying patterns and interests obtainable from various data source within your organization or from outside sources (i.e. GPS, social media, stated preference), the crossovers available across product lines, and the potential to build adaptive experiences is nearly unlimited.

If you can understand a customer needs, preferences, and situations, you can engage them with one-to-one dialogues; serving them, rather than selling them. Engaging customers, with meaningful product and services at the right time is what compels them to complete the end goal; the purchase transaction. Proactive Product Management Solutions may include some or all of the following:

  • Content Management
  • Database connector development
  • Product pricing and bundling integrations
  • Social media API development
  • Geo-location service enablement
  • Context enabled product delivery framework
  • Policy rule and business logic for personalization
  • Recommendation engine development

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