Platforms and Architecture

The proliferation of mobile devices, high-speed connections and data-intensive applications have challenged many organizations to continuously meet the demand for more computing power. This has, and is resulting in the massive restructuring of the entire industry.

Enterprise Challenges

Most enterprises today have mixed platforms, multiple networks and various software architectures. This presents many challenges to IT organizations, including:

  • Legacy platforms that continue to provide value, but draw resources, thus constraining an IT organizations ability to meet new customer demands.
  • Stovepipe software architectures designed for a division level needs, but won’t scale to meet enterprise level demands.
  • Multiple applications scattered across different platforms with redundant data in different formats.
  • Platforms and software architectures designed for 1000s of users that now need to scale to millions.

These and a host of other challenges continue to constrain organizations trying create customer centric solutions aligned with the continuous engagement model.

Success requires Planning

Successful IT platforms and architectures require careful strategic design of every layer. The hardware, network, operating system, architecture, data layer, middleware, and presentation framework need thoroughly analyzed and tested. Computing infrastructure (on-site, hosted, cloud, hybrid) need to be designed based on today's and tomorrow's needs. Interface options, performance requirements, and security needs must be completely understood.

It's a huge challenge to get it all right, but well designed and implemented platforms and architectures can unite an enterprise. A key characteristic of elite IT systems is flexibility, some elements and services must remain fixed, while others can vary over time. It's a balancing act. Overly constrain a platform or a software architecture and you lose performance and scalability. Yet, without strict policy, management controls, and business rules baked in, IT departments can lose control.

Entech's Platform and Architecture solutions helps organizations create a balanced plan of attack, design platforms that make sense for your needs, and sequence development initiatives to deliver maximum return on investment. We can help your organization with:

  • Service Oriented Architecture design and development
  • Architecture design
  • Platform strategy
  • Cloud enablement
  • IT cost optimization
  • Virtualization
  • Network management
  • Performance management

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