Some people think Omni-Channel means delivering the same content on the Web and on a mobile phone. But, Omni-channel is much more than that. Omni-Channel means providing a multi-path, one-on-one personalized experience across devices, networks, location and context.

Personalized Customer Experience

Suppose you start a purchase on your mobile device and get interrupted. When you get home, you continue shopping on the computer. Before completing a purchase, you get distracted and forget about the whole thing. Two days later an email arrives with a discount coupon from the store and a message that states two of your Facebook friends purchased the same item. This is a multi-path experience, but it doesn’t stop there. Suppose you need additional information and decide to phone in to the company. Your call is answered by a customer service rep that knows your name, purchase history and the status of your pending transaction. Your question is answered immediately and you go on to purchase the product and get notified by text message when it arrives at your door.

More than Marketing

Entech uses our Continuous Engagement Model to design and build Omni-Channel solutions that provide the above types of universal customer experiences. Our solutions go deeper than just marketing. To us, Omni-Channel means providing customers with instant access to the information and delivering personalized products and services across channels. It means enabling self-service where appropriate, and connecting enterprise data sources so customer representatives understand the context of inquiries and can respond immediately, delivering seamless customer experiences.

Today, any time, any device access is just the baseline. Omni-Channel takes shape when a buying experience is based on behavior, context, on-line clicks, and profile data to mold a personalized shopping experience.

Entech Omni-Channel Solutions may include some or all of the following:

  • Web development
  • Mobile/device applications
  • Social network integrations
  • Customer profile enablement
  • Customer context services (Geo location services, iBeacon and IoT services)
  • Self-service portals
  • Customer communication portals
  • Recommendation engines

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