Local Talent — Hire Value

What is GradTech?

GradTech is the ultimate alternative of offshoring your latest project or technology initiative. Hire a team of top local talent at pricing that is competitive. Meet your resources challenges today while hiring local.

  • We select technical talent from regional universities with 0-3 years' work history.
  • Train them in your domain, culture, and technologies
  • Deliver them onsite at a competitive price.
  • Continuously mentor them and provide management oversight
  • Offer conversion options so you can directly hire your next generation of technology leaders

"GradTech helped us rapidly scale our mission critical technology programs" Brian Conneen
CTO, Marlette Funding

Save Money, Add Value

Technology development and management costs are high. Skilled resources can cost thousands of dollars per day! Off-shore resources can provide savings, but regulatory or security issues may hinder or even prevent using off shore resources. Then, there are hidden costs, like managing over long distances and time zones. Selecting GradTech will allow you to realize immediate and long term savings. With GradTech you will:

  • Avoid recruitment overhead in candidate selection, training, orientation, etc.
  • Get more done faster – Avoid offshoring time delays and miscommunication
  • Hit the ground running – GradTech teams walk in the door ready to go.

Comprehensive Training

Technical Training

Depending on the situation, we train each GradTech team in the specific technologies and tools they will encounter on the job.

Soft Skills Training

We also provide GradTech teams training on ethics, communication skills, team building, and other personal branding skills to ensure you are getting a well-rounded team of professionals

Corporate and Culture Training

Another big aspect of our training is the culture and history of your company. We make sure s GradTech teams understand your environment, your organization, your policies and procedures, your security requirements, and other specifics you want included in the program.

How GradTech Works

Using our extensive database of top local talent we recruit a GradTech team that matches your requirements. Typically teams are formed to deliver software development, testing, quality assurance, continuous integration, or project management. We pair each GradTech team with an experienced mentor who guides them through a customized training program. The training program includes tools, technologies and processes that are specific to your business and technology domain. Once trained and ready to go, we deploy the GradTech team with their mentor to your site or host them at ours.

Customer Partnership

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Team Selection

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GradTech Team Deployment

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