About Entech

Company Overview

Entech is a global provider of software and services based on the Continuous Engagement Model - a holistic model for customer-centered business processes and technologies. Working with clients and partners, Entech is advancing the state of the art, providing end-to-end solutions that dynamically engage customers.

Entech provides platforms and solutions for consumer lending.

Entech Consulting provides enterprise class technology and resource management solutions that solve business problems across a wide variety of market verticals.


Entech's solutions are based on the Continuous Engagement model – a holistic model for customer centered business processes and technologies to build authentic customer relationships. An authentic customer relationship is one where your customers know you, and you know them. They come back to you to purchase over and over again, and recommend you to friends. They trust you and want to help your business grow.

To build authentic relationships and maximize selling opportunities, businesses must use technology to offer products and services across all channels, including Web, mobile, email, SMS, kiosk, wearable devices, and branch offices.

Building brand loyalty today means connecting with customers, answering questions, and delivering frictionless support at the speed of now. And, to extend customer relationships and increase sales, companies must use technologies to proactively deliver personalized products based on a customer's context and purchase history.

Accomplishing these things is not trivial. It requires information sharing across the enterprise, cost efficient business operations, and a secure, scalable, high performance, IT infrastructure. Further, it requires alignment of business and IT, and a commitment to a customer centric point of view.

This is where Entech can help. We deliver IT solutions for Continuous Engagement. Continuous Engagement is not a product. No single product can meet all of the requirements. But, using the Continuous Engagement model as a guide, we help companies design, develop, integrate and deploy solutions that make authentic customer relationships possible.


Corporate Headquarters

1200 Atwater Drive
Suite 140
Malvern, PA 19355
Tel: (610) 590-2154

San Dimas

160 Via Verde
Suite 210
San Dimas, CA 91773
Tel: (909) 610-6220

United Kingdom

5 New Street Square
London EC4A 3TW
United Kingdom

Meet the Team

Jeffrey Milne

Jeffrey Milne is the founder and CEO of Entech. Under his leadership and vision, Entech has grown from a small technology services firm to a global organization delivering software, solutions and consulting services around the globe. Entech is recognized as one of America’s fastest growing, privately held companies.

Prior to starting Entech, Mr. Milne served as Senior Director for Barclays Bank. He began his career at GE (Lockheed Martin), where he developed his core technology principles and leadership foundation.

Jim Klein

Jim Klein is responsible for strategy, management, and market success of solution offerings. He is a member of the senior leadership team and key contributor to achieving the companies near and long term objectives.

Prior to joining Entech, Mr. Klein led Client Services for Virtusa. While there, he helped grow revenue to $479M and guide the company to a successful IPO. He is a distinguished leader with rich experience delivering solutions to Fortune 100 companies.

Nick McCormick

Nick McCormick manages all assigned aspects of consulting engagements from scope definition to delivery, assuming ultimate responsibility for contract deliverables, project resourcing and budget management.

Prior to Entech, Mr. McCormick worked at Electronic Data Systems where he managed a diverse range of fortune 100 clients. He is a published author, and his book “Lead Well and Prosper”, consistently receives praise from entrepreneurs and motivational speakers around the world.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy leads Resource Management at Entech. People drive our business, and Mr. Murphy’s well-honed leadership and sourcing skills enable Entech to acquire the world class technical talent that has led to Entech’s spectacular growth.

Prior to joining Entech, Mr. Murphy worked at Vanguard, Amerisource, and Barclays Bank where he managed key national account portfolios. He is a peak performer that specializes in building and maintaining great relationships with candidates and clients.

David Isaacson

David Isaacson heads Marketing at Entech. He is responsible for mobilizing the organization, driving exponential growth, and building brand recognition across the industry.

Prior to joining Entech, Mr. Isaacson was the marketing leader at Bluestone Software and helped drive the company from start-up to a successful IPO and a $450M acquisition by HP. He is an innovative marketing leader, adept at communicating with target markets and driving top-line growth.

Michael Haddock

Michael Haddock drives the Financial Services Practice at Entech. Financial services is a key vertical for Entech and Mr. Haddock is subject matter expert with 30 years of experience leading large-scale consulting projects for global financial services firms.

Prior to Entech, Mr. Haddock held senior positions at Merrill Lynch and KPMG delivering online brokerages services requiring stringent operational controls and risk mitigation solutions.